Sleep Deprivation

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Fatigue, Alcohol and Performance Impairment - Nature 388, 235 - 235 (17 Jul 1997), doi: , Scientific Correspondence.

Quantifying the Performance Impairment Associated with Fatigue - Journal of Sleep Research, Vol.8, Issue 4. January 2002.

Deposition of Dr. Marcellena Burns, Ph.D. - from Los Angeles, California Court. April 17, 1996.

Survey of Police Surgeons in Strathclyde - survey written by M. O'Keefe, Principle Police Surgeon.

An Overview of the Scientific Literature Concerning Fatigue, Sleep, and the Circadian Cycle - prepared by Battelle Memorial Institute

How Sleep Deprivation Affects the Body - Article description from

Microsleep - Article description from

Managing Fatigue in Operational Settings 1: Physiological Considerations and Countermeasures

Sleep, Fatigue and Circadian Rhythms

A Human Error Analysis of Commercial Aviation Accidents Using the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS)

NCSDR/NHTSA PANEL - A comprehensive study on driver fatigue and sleepiness called "Drowsy Driving and Automobile Crashes" by the NCSDR/HNHTSA.

Effects of Fatigue - An article by The Journal of Sleep Research.

Fatigue - Discussion by the Australasian College of Road Safety.

Public Citizen Petition - Petition limiting work hours of medical residents.

Effects of Sleep Loss - Discussion by the American Medical Student Association.

Performance Impairment - An article from the Journal of Sleep Research.

Fatigue, Alcohol and Performance Impairment - A paper from The Center for Sleep Research.

Quantifying the Performance Impairment Associated with Sustained Wakefulness

Psychophysical Tests for DWI Arrest - Study from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Sleep Deprivation Testimony - Trial testimony from Dr. Martin Moore-Ede.

NTIS Sleep Study - Development & Field Test of Psychophysical Tests for DWI Arrest.

DWI Trial Prep